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Thursday September 18th 2014
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1940 Census – Won’t Be Long Now!

1940 Census – »

How many of you are extremely excited about the 1940 census? I know, silly question!   The 1940 census will [...]


Extreme Beginner Extreme Beginner »

Where to start... Are you really new, and just have no idea where to start? Start by writing down what [...]

Fun Facts

Social Security »

Social Security

Social Security was signed into law on August 14, 1935 by President Roosevelt. Social Security was to "frame a law which will give some measure of [Read More]


Diseases and Illnesses (B) Diseases and »

Bad Blood = Syphilis Bilious fever = Typhoid, malaria, hepatitis or elevated temperature [...]

Diseases and Ilnesses (A) Diseases and »

Ablepsy = Blindness Ague = Malarial Fever American plague = Yellow fever. Anasarca = [...]

Guest Writer

Heirlooms »


by GenLady If you have heirlooms in your home have you taken the time to record them? Take pictures of each heirloom, place them in a book. A regular notebook will do just fine. Glue a picture on to a page, label it with the following information: Name of item [Read More]

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